PMS started its activities in 1993 by using Rotomolding / Rotational Molding technique which is not very common in our country, today with 26 years of experience in manufacturing and export capacity of leaders in Turkey 60+ countries, globally recognized manufacturing and polyethylene products engineering firm. It also has aluminum and concrete structures.


Environment Friendly

All products are environmentally friendly and produced in a way that does not harm marine organisms. It is UV doped.

Buoyancy & Stability

All products provide maximum buoyancy and stability. The necessary calculations are made by our expert engineers.

Quick & Practical Installation

Our modular products can
be installed quickly
and practically without
wasting time.


PMS Dockmarine products do not require any maintenance during the usage period, they are long lasting.


Would you like to learn our production methods?

PMS Dockmarine products are manufactured with blowing and rotation technology. It also includes aluminum and concrete structures.