Drive-On Ports by PMS Dock Marine

Simplifying Watercraft Access and Storage


PMS Dock Marine introduces Drive-On Ports, an innovative solution that simplifies watercraft access and storage. With a focus on convenience and efficiency, Drive Ports offer boaters a seamless experience when launching, docking, and storing their watercraft.

1. Streamlined Watercraft Launching:

Drive-On Ports streamline the watercraft launching process, eliminating the need for manual lifting or trailering. Boaters can effortlessly drive their boats or personal watercraft onto the ports, reducing launch times and enhancing overall convenience.

2. Secure and Stable Docking:

With a robust and stable design, Drive-On Ports ensure secure docking for watercraft of various sizes. The ports’ non-slip surfaces and integrated guide systems make docking hassle-free, providing peace of mind for boat owners.

3. Versatile Compatibility:

Drive-On Ports accommodate a wide range of watercraft, including motorboats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards. Their adaptable design caters to different vessel types, ensuring a seamless fit for diverse boating needs.

4. Space-Saving Storage:

When not in use, Drive-On Ports act as efficient storage platforms. Boaters can conveniently park their watercraft at the ports, eliminating the need for additional dock or marina space, and optimizing waterfront storage capacity.

5. Easy Installation and Maintenance:

PMS Dock Marine prioritizes user convenience, and DrivePorts exemplify this commitment. The ports are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring hassle-free ownership.

6. Time-Efficient Boat Retrieval:

Drive-On Ports expedite the boat retrieval process, allowing boaters to easily drive their watercraft back onto the port for storage. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, making boating experiences more enjoyable.

7. Eco-Friendly Materials:

Environmental responsibility is a core value for PMS Dock Marine. Drive-On Ports are crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring a sustainable solution that aligns with responsible waterfront development.

8. Seamless Integration with Existing Docks:

Drive-On Ports seamlessly integrate with PMS Dock Marine’s floating docks and marina facilities. Their compatibility allows for easy attachment to existing structures, making them an ideal addition to waterfront developments.

9. Safe and Reliable Design:

Safety is paramount in all of PMS Dock Marine’s products, and Drive-On Ports are no exception. These ports are engineered with a focus on stability, ensuring that watercraft can be securely driven on and off without any risk of tipping or instability.

10. All-Weather Performance:

Drive-On Ports are designed to withstand various weather conditions, from intense sun to rough waters. Their durable construction and weather-resistant materials guarantee optimal performance and longevity, regardless of the elements.

11. Facilitating Solo Boating:

Drive-On Ports empower solo boaters to launch and retrieve their watercraft independently. With no need for additional assistance, boaters can enjoy the freedom of embarking on their maritime adventures whenever they desire.

12. Enhancing Marina Efficiency:

Marina operators benefit from the installation of Drive-On Ports, as they optimize space usage and streamline watercraft launching and storage. The ports contribute to enhanced marina efficiency and customer satisfaction.

13. Adaptable to Changing Water Levels:

Drive-On Port can adapt to changing water levels, making them ideal for areas with tidal fluctuations. Their ability to adjust ensures seamless docking experiences, regardless of the water level.

14. Pioneering Waterfront Solutions:

As a pioneer in the maritime industry, PMS Dock Marine’s Drive-On Ports represent a leap forward in waterfront access and storage solutions. Their continuous commitment to innovation sets the standard for future developments in the boating and waterfront sectors.


Drive-On Port by PMS Dock Marine embodies the company’s vision of simplifying watercraft access and storage. Their streamlined design, versatility, and user-friendly features redefine how boaters interact with their watercraft, bringing ease and efficiency to the waterfront experience. With a focus on safety, environmental responsibility, and seamless integration, Drive-On Port elevates marina efficiency and optimizes waterfront space utilization. As PMS Dock Marine continues to lead the way in maritime solutions, Drive-On Port stands as a testament to its commitment to empowering boaters, enhancing waterfront experiences, and shaping the future of waterfront living.