Our Quality Policies

Total quality Management

PMS POLYETHYLEN IND. TRADE. Inc. aims to be a leading name in plastic manufacturing in the national and international market. In order to achieve this goal it has set, it has foreseen a quality policy based on unconditional customer satisfaction.

PMS POLYETHYLEN IND. TRADE. Inc. In this context, it has adopted as a quality policy to fully meet the needs of its customers, to develop, produce and market products in international quality and standards, to comply with the contract conditions and legal obligations together with the quality management system conditions and to continuously improve the effectiveness of this system.

In order to achieve these;

  • It monitors the changing market conditions and customer expectations, and makes the necessary arrangements for product and service quality.
  • Employees are constantly trained and conscious in order to meet customer expectations.
  • It works by using the highest level of injection, blow molding, extrusion molding and rotation (rotomolding) technology.
  • It always prioritizes the interests of society. It adopts and implements “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT”, which is a human-oriented management style.

Our R&D Policy

PMS is constantly working on R&D and renews itself with new products, new market researches and customer-specific products.

Developing its own technology and standing out in the international competition in its sector, PMS POLİETİLEN SAN.TİC. A.Ş. considers R&D studies as part of its strategy. Our vision is the core of the R&D strategy.
R&D studies are shaped in parallel with the strategy and growth targets of PMS. In this framework, products suitable for target markets are supported by environmentalist approaches.

The R&D agenda can be summarized as designing and producing products that support the needs of the consumer, meet current and future needs, comply with standards, and make a difference in competition, in line with the “Company vision”.

Having R&D activities equipped with up-to-date technology based on its 20 years of experience, PMS has achieved many firsts in its sector in Turkey; offers its consumers environmentally friendly, new and advanced products.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

PMS POLYETHYLEN IND. TRADE. Inc. has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction in the productions it offers to the national and international markets, and adopts the understanding of “Every complaint is an opportunity for continuous improvement” in order to achieve this goal. The aim of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty is the awareness and commitment of all its employees, suppliers, organization in the product and service distribution network. knows that it is closely related to their level of knowledge and ensures that all of them are involved in this process.

It handles the suggestions, requests and complaints of its customers with a customer-oriented perspective, in a fair, careful, impartial manner, and in a way that does not violate legal obligations and laws. It tries to keep all possible channels open in order to communicate with its customers in the most accurate way.

It provides traceability by recording the feedback of its customers about their dissatisfaction under CRM. In this way, it carefully determines the areas of development and improves its products and services continuously, quickly and effectively. He takes care not to repeat the same dissatisfaction. It manages the complaints in a way that supports the understanding of quality products and services in order to increase efficiency by regularly reviewing the complaint management process and the systems used.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

PMS POLYETHYLEN IND. TRADE. A.Ş. has accepted the human being as the most important workforce in all its activities and has adopted creating a healthy environment and minimizing all kinds of losses that may occur as its primary business goal. In this framework, it ensures the improvement of the health level of the employees and the increase of work efficiency by implementing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

To be able to do these:

  • It complies with all local and national laws, regulations and standards regarding Occupational Health and Safety, and acts in line with the recommendations of relevant international organizations.
  • Evaluates all risks regarding occupational diseases, Occupational Health and Safety and takes protective measures.
  • It aims at zero work accidents and occupational diseases by eliminating the dangers at the source with the training and participation of all employees.
  • It develops systems that will minimize losses in any accident or emergency that may occur during its activities. It is our indispensable condition to progress by working in cooperation with all our employees and suppliers in our workplace and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our occupational health and safety management system.

Our Environmental Policy

PMS POLYETHYLEN IND. TRADE. A.Ş. has envisaged an environmental policy based on the principle of sustainable development in order to achieve the goals it has determined. Within this framework, it manufactures all its products with less noisy and more recyclable materials that have less environmental damage at every stage of production, from the design of the product to the delivery to the user.

To be able to do these:

  • It establishes an Environmental Management System in order to continuously improve its environmental performance and to ensure compliance with all legal and other obligations to which it is bound.
  • It reduces energy and natural resource consumption and the amount of waste by supporting recycling and reuse activities.
  • It prevents pollution by using new and improved technologies in the production process and products.