JetPort Plus by PMS Dock Marine:

A Sustainable and Versatile Watercraft Docking Solution

What Is The JetPort Plus?

Jet Port Plus, the position of the wheels can be adjusted according to the model of the Jetski. Thanks to the two bracket slots in front of the Jetport, there is no need for an extra connection piece. If it is to be connected with a chain/rope, it can be closed with a PE cover.

PMS Dock Marine introduces JetPort Plus, an innovative watercraft docking solution crafted from high-quality Plastic materials. This cutting-edge system is designed to offer watercraft owners a sustainable and versatile platform for docking their personal watercraft, such as jet skis and wave runners. As a leader in maritime technology, PMS Dock Marine continues to revolutionize waterfront experiences with eco-conscious solutions.

  1. Eco-Friendly Plastic Construction:

JetPort Plus stands out as an environmentally friendly alternative, constructed from recyclable Plastic materials. This sustainable choice aligns with PMS Dock Marine’s commitment to promoting eco-conscious practices in waterfront development.

  1. Drive-On Design:

JetPort Plus features a drive-on design, allowing watercraft owners to easily drive their vessels onto the platform. This effortless docking process enhances convenience and accessibility for all skill levels.

  1. Superior Watercraft Protection:

The JetPort Plus platform is engineered with watercraft protection in mind. Its non-skid surface and padded rollers ensure watercraft remain secure and unscathed during docking and storage.

  1. Modular and Expandable:

The modular design of JetPort PLUS enables easy expansion and customization. Watercraft owners can add more units to accommodate multiple watercraft or adapt to changing watercraft sizes.

  1. Integrated Railing System:

Safety is paramount with JetPort PLUS. The integrated railing system provides additional support during watercraft docking and storage, promoting worry-free usage.

  1. Lightweight and Easy Maintenance:

The Plastic construction of JetPort PLUS makes it lightweight yet durable, simplifying installation and maintenance. Watercraft owners can enjoy a low-maintenance docking solution that ensures long-lasting performance.

  1. Versatility in Waterfront Applications:

Jet Port Plus is versatile and suitable for various waterfront environments. From personal docks to marinas and resorts, this system seamlessly integrates into different waterfront settings.

  1. Elevating Waterfront Sustainability:

With its eco-friendly materials and minimal impact on marine ecosystems, Jet Port Plus contributes to sustainable waterfront development. PMS Dock Marine leads the way in prioritizing environmental responsibility.


JetPort Plus by PMS Dock Marine redefines watercraft docking with its sustainable design and eco-conscious materials. Its drive-on convenience, watercraft protection features, and integrated railing system make docking effortless and secure. As PMS Dock Marine continues to pave the way in maritime innovations, Jet Port Plus remains a testament to their dedication to excellence and environmental stewardship. With its versatility, lightweight construction, and sustainable attributes, Jet Port Plus enhances waterfront experiences while preserving the beauty of our coastal environments for generations to come.