SunFlex Floater System by PMS Dock Marine

Elevating Waterfront Flexibility and Functionality

PMS Dock Marine introduces the SunFlex Floater System, a revolutionary offering that takes waterfront flexibility and functionality to new heights. With a focus on adaptability and ease of use, this cutting-edge floater system offers a versatile platform for a wide range of marine applications.


1. An All-in-One Floating Solution:

The SunFlex Floater System is an all-in-one floating platform that caters to various marine needs. From recreational purposes to commercial use, this innovative system serves as a flexible foundation for an array of waterfront projects.

2. Customizable Configuration:

PMS Dock Marine understands that each waterfront project is unique. The SunFlex Floater System’s modular design allows for customizable configuration, enabling clients to tailor the platform to their specific requirements and space constraints.

3. Floating Dock Extension:

As an extension of existing floating docks or marina facilities, the SunFlex Floater System seamlessly expands waterfront areas, providing additional space for berthing, lounging, or recreational activities.

4. Versatile Mooring Solution:

Designed to adapt to changing water levels, the SunFlex Floater System serves as a versatile mooring solution. Its ability to adjust to tide variations ensures consistent performance, even in areas with significant water level fluctuations.

5. Dynamic Event Spaces:

With its spacious and stable platform, the SunFlex Floater System transforms into dynamic event spaces. From hosting waterside gatherings and concerts to accommodating outdoor yoga sessions, the system adds versatility to waterfront venues.

6. Easy Assembly and Disassembly:

PMS Dock Marine prioritizes user convenience, and the SunFlex Floater System reflects this commitment. Its easy assembly and disassembly process allows for swift deployment and effortless storage when not in use.

7. Safe and Stable Design:

Safety is at the forefront of PMS Dock Marine’s considerations. The SunFlex Floater System boasts non-slip surfaces and stability-enhancing features, providing users with a secure and enjoyable experience on the water.

8. Eco-Friendly Materials:

Environmental sustainability remains a guiding principle for PMS Dock Marine. The SunFlex System is crafted from eco-friendly materials, minimizing its ecological impact while contributing to responsible waterfront development.

9. Multi-Functional Applications:

From watersports and fishing platforms to temporary walkways and floating stages, the SunFlex Floater System’s multi-functional applications make it a versatile choice for various marine endeavors.


The SunFlex Floater Systems PMS Dock Marine represents a paradigm shift in waterfront solutions, offering a flexible and functional platform that adapts to diverse marine needs. With its customizable configuration, safety features, and eco-conscious design, the system exemplifies PMS Dock Marine’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the maritime industry. As the SunFlex System continues to elevate waterfront experiences and cater to an array of marine applications, it stands as a testament to the company’s vision of creating sustainable and adaptable solutions that enrich the beauty and functionality of waterborne environments.