Waterfront Installations by PMS Dock Marine

Elevating Waterfront Experiences

What Is The Waterfront Installation?

Waterfront installations refer to a wide range of structures and amenities that are installed along the waterfront or shoreline areas, typically near bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, seas, or oceans. These installations are designed to enhance the functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics of waterfront spaces, offering opportunities for recreation, leisure, and commercial activities. Waterfront installations can be found in various settings, including marinas, ports, resorts, public parks, and private waterfront properties

PMS Dock Marine is a leading provider of innovative waterfront installations, dedicated to creating transformative and sustainable solutions for marinas, ports, resorts, and other waterfront developments. With a focus on excellence, functionality, and environmental responsibility, PMS Dock Marine continues to redefine the way we interact with and enjoy waterfront spaces.


1. Floating Docks and Piers:

PMS Dock Marine specializes in designing and constructing state-of-the-art floating docks and piers. These versatile installations provide safe and stable platforms for watercraft docking, boating activities, and waterfront enjoyment.

2. Concrete Floating Breakwaters:

Coastal protection is paramount in waterfront developments. PMS Dock Marine’s concrete floating breakwaters act as a dynamic defense against erosion and wave impact, safeguarding coastal environments and enhancing the safety of watercraft.

3. Aluminum Floating Docks:

The Aluminum Floating Docks by PMS Dock Marine offer a lightweight yet durable solution for waterfronts. With customization options and low maintenance requirements, these docks elevate the aesthetics and functionality of marinas and resorts.

4. NeoFlex Mooring System:

PMS Dock Marine‘s NeoFlex Mooring System revolutionizes watercraft stability and safety. This advanced mooring technology ensures secure anchorage and dynamic shock absorption, providing a reliable solution for docking boats of all sizes.

5. SunFlex Floater System:

For waterfront resorts and events, the SunFlex Floater System creates unique lounging areas and recreational spaces on the water. Its portability and quick assembly offer flexibility in designing engaging waterfront experiences.

6. Drive-On Ports:

Simplifying watercraft access and storage, Drive-On Ports allow boaters to effortlessly drive their boats onto the platform, streamlining the launching and retrieval process while optimizing waterfront space utilization.

7. RotoDock System:

PMS Dock Marine‘s RotoDock System offers a modular floating platform, ideal for various aquatic activities, swimming areas, and event spaces. Its adaptability makes it a dynamic addition to waterfront resorts and commercial developments.

8. SunnyDock:

SunnyDock, another innovative creation by PMS Dock Marine, reimagines waterfront relaxation with floating lounging platforms. Boaters and waterfront visitors can enjoy sunbathing and relaxation on the water with this unique installation.


PMS Dock Marine’s portfolio of waterfront installations showcases a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and design, the company continues to lead the way in revolutionizing waterfront experiences. From floating docks and breakwaters to advanced mooring systems and recreational platforms, PMS Dock Marine’s installations elevate coastal protection, watercraft access, and waterfront enjoyment. As the maritime industry evolves, PMS Dock Marine remains at the forefront, shaping the future of waterfront installations and inspiring a new era of coastal living and recreation.