SunFlex Floater System by PMS Dock Marine

SunFlex Floater System by PMS Dock Marine Elevating Waterfront Flexibility and Functionality PMS Dock Marine introduces the SunFlex Floater System, a revolutionary offering that takes waterfront flexibility and functionality to new heights. With a focus on adaptability and ease of use, this cutting-edge floater system offers a versatile platform for a wide range of marine […]

SunFlex by PMS Dock Marine

SunFlex by PMS Dock Marine Redefining Waterfront Comfort and Versatility   SunFlex, an innovative offering by PMS Dock Marine, sets a new standard in waterfront comfort and versatility. This cutting-edge product represents PMS Dock Marine’s dedication to enhancing the boating and waterfront experience with a unique and adaptable sunbathing and relaxation platform. 1. The Ultimate […]

JetPort Plus by PMS Dock Marine

  JetPort Plus by PMS Dock Marine: A Sustainable and Versatile Watercraft Docking Solution What Is The JetPort Plus? Jet Port Plus, the position of the wheels can be adjusted according to the model of the Jetski. Thanks to the two bracket slots in front of the Jetport, there is no need for an extra […]


PMS Dock Marine in the UAE: Elevating Waterfront Solutions with Excellence PMS Dock Marine, a leading maritime solutions company, has established a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, PMS Dock Marine offers a comprehensive range of products and services that enhance waterfront infrastructure and […]

JetPort Flexi by PMS Dock Marine

 JetPort Flexi by PMS Dock Marine Versatile and Dynamic Watercraft Docking Solution PMS Dock Marine introduces JetPort Flexi, an innovative watercraft docking solution that brings unparalleled versatility and convenience to watercraft owners. With its adaptable design and user-friendly features, JetPort Flexi sets a new standard for watercraft docking and storage, ensuring seamless and hassle-free waterfront […]

Jetski Platforms by PMS Dock Marine

Unleashing the Thrill of Water Adventures Looking for a reliable marine company with unparalleled production power? Look no further! PMS Dock Marine Company is your go-to destination for cutting-edge marine solutions. With a stellar track record of excellence and a commitment to delivering top-tier products, PMS Dock Marine Company is the industry leader in meeting all […]

Polyethylene Boat by PMS Dock Marine

Polyethylene Boat by PMS Dock Marine Innovative and Versatile Watercraft Solutions   PMS Dock Marine introduces its revolutionary Polyethylene Boat, a cutting-edge watercraft crafted from high-quality polyethylene material. Designed to redefine boating experiences, this innovative boat showcases PMS Dock Marine’s commitment to excellence and ingenuity in the maritime industry. 1. Unmatched Durability: The Polyethylene Boat […]

PMS Dock Marine’s Expansion to the USA

PMS Dock Marine’s Expansion to the USA: Advancing Maritime Solutions on American Shores PMS Dock Marine USA, a renowned name in the maritime industry, has expanded its operations to the United States, marking a significant milestone in their global growth. With an established reputation for excellence and innovation, PMS Dock Marine brings its expertise in […]

PMS Turkey

PMS Turkey (PMS Dock Marine) A Powerhouse of Production and Experience in the Maritime Industry   PMS Turkey, also known as PMS Dock Marine, stands as a formidable force in the maritime industry, boasting a remarkable production power and extensive experience. With a passion for innovation, a commitment to excellence, and a global reach, PMS […]

Mooring System by PMS Dock Marine

Mooring System by PMS Dock Marine: Secure and Reliable Docking Solutions A mooring system is a collection of components and equipment used to secure a vessel or boat in place when it is not underway or when it is temporarily docked at a port, marina, or anchorage. The primary purpose of a mooring system is […]